Saturday, February 18, 2006


Microsoft's Strategy Evolution: Platform or Applications?

When Microsoft starts offering software as services, will they still pursue a platform strategy?

The following are worthy of keeping in mind:

Office Live goes live today! by ZDNet's Richard MacManus -- Microsoft's
web-based office product, called Office Live, is being released in beta today.
Office Live will integrate with existing Microsoft Office products Jupiter
analyst Joe Wilcox has the early word on the release. He firstly points out that
Office Live is in no way "a hosted version of Microsoft Office". That's true,
but [...]

Office Live: Application suite or platform? by
ZDNet's Dion Hinchcliffe -- Fellow
ZDNet's blogger Richard MacManus wrote today about the release of Microsoft's
Office Live into beta. A lot of people have been tracking this development
because it seems to herald Microsoft's burgeoning seriousness about offering
versions of its core products as hosted online services. The feeling being that
if Microsoft puts its considerable muscle behind online business software, they
just might be able to dominate this space as well. But of course, the biggest
news about Office Live is that it isn't a port of its famed productivity suite
to the online world.

In a network era, third-party support is more important than ever before. So, I hope Microsoft continues to embrace its platform logic. Not abandon it.

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