Monday, February 27, 2006


Google's Talent Grab

In the global, networked knowledge economy, talent is king. A lead indicator of business success is the concentration of talent: look back at Microsoft in the early 1990s. Look at the migration to silicon valley during the dotcom boom.

Now it is Google's turn: Looks like they have been steadily hiring an eclectic set of expertise--signaling the pervasive and expansive view of search on the network. It is a lead indicator of the range of experimentation that could be pursued by Google in the coming years. It fits in with their 70-20-10 way (allocation of time) for overcoming competency traps and complacency. It fits in with my earlier post on Google's ambidexterity.

Losing customers and market share is a lag indicator; Attracting critical experts is a lead indicator.

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