Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Corporate Blogging: Practices and Perspectives

This is a good site that tracks the degree of acceptance of corporate blogging and updated links.
Clearly, I expect that by the end of 2006, many more corporate blogs will be online (can you imagine any of the Fortune 500 companies without a website today?).

Blogs raise many questions that are worth pondering. What will be covered in those blogs? will it become a secondary PR channel or will it provide new insights into the company operations? Who will read those blogs--competitors or suppliers or cutsomers? or is it meant for journalists and general observers? will we see Wall Street analysts making stock recommendations based on what they read in the blogs or will they continue to rely on company presentations? Will mainstream media replace Letters to the Editors with comments on the blogs? will blogs become elaborate versions of the articles that may be limited in size due to page limitations of the print media??

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