Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Web 2.0 in 2005

1995 will be remembered for Netscape IPO and Windows95.

2005 will be remembered for Google, podcasting and may be Web 2.0. Clearly, a lot of attention is on the developments in Web 2.0.

Top Ten Web 2.0 Moments of 2005 by ZDNet's Richard MacManus -- It's been a huge year for the Web! A time of renewed optimism in Silicon Valley and an incredible number of new web applications. In a sense it all started with Google's IPO in August 2004, the success of which was a positive and affirming lead-in to 2005. We then witnessed a renaissance of startup activity, acquisitions and intense VC interest in the Web throughout the year. Here then is my list of the top ten defining moments for the Web in 2005. [...]

I hope it does not turn into another frenzy over inflated stock valuations but as am important step in the creation of the global business infrastructure for growth. I think 2006 will be a defining year to see how robust web 2.0 really is.

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