Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Reuters: Positionig for Web 2.0?

I have been wondering about Reuters for a while. A venerable company in the information age that collects massive amounts of data globally that many many decisionmakers rely upon.

Looks like Reuters has taken a page from Google, Yahoo and Amazon to create a public face on their innovations to make Reuters more central to the network era.

Reuters Video through Affiliate Network

Create a more compelling user experience by adding Reuters video to your site. Our news video player has up to 20 of the latest breaking stories from around the world - updated throughout the day so the content is always fresh. The player is Windows and Macintosh compatible and takes just a few minutes to integrate into your site. Visitors can watch full news stories right in the context of your page; there are no pop-ups or software installs. Player features include fast forward, previous video, next video, play all and volume control with mute capability. During this pilot period, our player is free of charge to any site and may contain advertising.

Reuters Dashboard

Running on Windows (through Yahoo Widgets) and Mac (Apple Dashboard widget), Reuters instruments make it easy for you to access Reuters News, Quote an dother information.

Reuters Audio

A powerful entry into the audio segment of Web 2.0 with world news, podcasts and latest from news channel. I think this is worth watching to see how they compet against Apple and Yahoo.

Overall: I will be watching Reuters to see how well they make the shift to strategy 2.0. Afterall, they have huge amounts of data prime for mash-ups and dynamic personalization.

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