Monday, December 26, 2005


Mashups:An Early Indicator of Web 2.0 Growth

I have often wondered what could be some of the lead (early) indicators of tracking the growth (and acceptance) of Web 2.0. First indicator to look at the number of mashups. Second indicator is to look at the degree of use of these mash-ups (beyond serving as showcase of cool applications on the web).

Programmableweb is a goos source for tracking the number of mash-ups. I have not yet seen good statistics for the degree of use of these mashups but my guess is that it will be forthcoming.

A useful mash-up, in case you have not seen it is:

Here is another idea that could widespread commercial appear all over the country--realtime information on parking availability. The Bay Area Map is in beta now and worth taking a look at now.

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