Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Best of Web 2.0

Hinchcliffe's List is a great summary of what web 2.0 has accomplished so far. From social bookmarking to online to do lists to peer production and image storing, there have been so so many new applications.

I am reminded of trying to classify websites in 1995 when there were so few and everyone wanted to know how Amazon was different from Yahoo and AOL. Remember B2C, B2B (also C2B and C2C) and other combinations of alphabets? That seems so so far back (so web 1.0!). And remember, bricks and clicks? offline and online? etc.etc.

But the main business challenge remain: how to leverage the functionality of the web (whether it be 1.0 or 2.0 or later) to create robust business models?? So, as you see web 2.0 applications, think about the main challenge:

How will these dynamic interlinkages--especially tags and mashups--change the revenue model and profit models?

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