Monday, November 07, 2005


Programmable Web: Who is Leading Innovations?

One of the new and exciting developments these days is about mash-ups with new websites that create business value by linking data from two (or more) websites.

There are over 100 APIs that are available for mash-ups and over 150 mash ups (most of them just creations of enthusiasts!) available now..

Google, Yahoo, EBay and Amazon are leading today. Microsoft with its new emphasis on 'live' will surely be a contender to watch.

Mash-ups could usher in a new era of innovations. Instant, dynamic links across websites that allow consumers (and businesses) to zoom in to what they seek quicker than normal search.

Who will lead? What new business innovations are likely to emerge? Who will extract value? Where will the proverbial cash registers be placed?

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