Friday, November 11, 2005


The Next Shift in Business: Many Names and Many Players

There is a shift underway that has many different labels: service innovations, On-Demand, adaptive enterprises, software-enabled services and so on.

It's beyond browser web of the late 1990s. It's beyond e-commerce of 1999-2000. It's about the shift away from products to services; it's about a new logic of organization; it's about creating business models on the network (web) which is more powerful than ever before; it's ultimately about capturing significant value. Google seems to be defining the game and has captured the imagination of Wall Street.

Other companies are responding forcefully (or at least signalling that they are changing their business models).

The Gates/Ozzie memo captures this shift from Microsoft's perspective.'s response is summarized in the following link: They call it 'The Business Web.'

If you see response from other companies, let me know. I like to compile a list so that when the dust settles, we can impartially take a look at the shape and scope of this shift underway right in front of our eyes.

Who will succeed? will it have any parallels with the bom-n-bust of the late 1990?

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