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IBM and Blogging

We will soon see more IBMers bloggibg externally. It is estimated that about 15,000 IBMers blog internally and about 2,000 plus blog externally. The main focus--I guess--will be on maintaining the link with customers.

They are also riding the blogging wave with launch of new software tools to help companies keep track of how they are discussed and mentioned in blogs.

The news release reproduced below is useful to see what IBM is trying to do

IBM Software Tracks Blogs, Web Content to Capture Buzz, Spot
Trends Around Companies, Products and Marketing Campaigns
Nov 7, 2005 -- IBM today introduced a new software solution that enables
businesses to make sense of the explosion of information from emerging social
networks on the Web to deliver new insight into brand reputation and customer,
competitor and public opinion about their company.
The proliferation of blogs, news feeds, consumer review sites, newsgroups and articles published daily on the Web has created a phenomenon where public opinion about an
organization spreads worldwide, faster than ever before. These sources are
filled with insight from consumers, experts and competitors that can be analyzed
and used by businesses to make better decisions on products, services and
business strategies. This creates a tremendous opportunity for organizations to
carefully monitor their image and more quickly address business opportunities,
threats, quality concerns or changing public perception.
To help clients gain a real-time view of commentary and opinion about their business, IBM is
delivering a new Public Image Monitoring Solution, a software offering designed
with Nstein Technologies and Factiva, to allow organizations to analyze and make
sense of commentary, issues and information affecting their brand, providing new
insight into how they operate and make business decisions.
Companies can use the Public Image Monitoring Solution to track success of product introductions and marketing campaigns, to help determine focus areas for product and marketing improvements, and to conduct impact analysis by comparing consumer feedback and
industry trends to actual sales data and marketing investments. Organizations
in diverse industries can benefit from this solution. For example, a consumer
goods manufacturer could use this software to track response to new product
introductions by examining consumer product reviews and blog discussions about
the new product, drill down into information from regions of the world where
public sentiment about the product was less than positive, and identify hot
topics or trends associated with the product.

The solution leverages IBM's deep expertise in text analytics and semantic search technology from IBM Research and IBM Business Consulting Services' brand management practice. It
supports IBM's company-wide strategy to help clients identify, access and
extract valuable meaning out of information -- regardless of format, source or
structure -- thereby enabling them to make better, more informed business

"Companies are seeking new ways to better understand how they are
viewed by customers, investors and other stakeholders who have an impact on
their brand reputation," said Jon Prial, vice president, IBM content management
and discovery. "This solution can help clients track and analyze the pulse of
the public in real-time, allowing organizations to be more responsive and
deliver better service to their customers."

The Public Image Monitoring Solution is based on IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition, the first commercial platform for deploying UIMA-based text analytics solutions. WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition provides advanced intelligent
search capabilities, making it easier for companies to access critical business
information and greatly improve the relevance of their search results. By
extending customers' ability to gain real-time insight into their business
information, it enables them to make more effective decisions and be more
competitive in the marketplace. The solution also leverages multi-lingual
text analytics from Nstein Technologies which enables the extraction of advanced
metadata, allowing organizations to identify "hot topics" as well as analyze
tone, facts, opinions, events, locations, and indirect alliances to detect early
trends and emerging problems. In addition, the solution enables organizations to
incorporate content from Factiva, such as news feeds and published

"Understanding what is said about a company and its products can
provide tremendous competitive advantage," said Greg Gerdy, vice president and
director of channel marketing and strategy, Factiva. "Factiva is heavily
committed to the emerging market around mining content for value-added
intelligence. Our rich set of thousands of world-class news sources is a key
component in this market transformation, and having IBM as a driver will make it
happen much faster."

The Public Image Monitoring Solution is built upon the
Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA), an open framework for
building sophisticated analytic applications that provide domain-specific
applications, analytics, taxonomies, and ontologies that can uncover latent
meaning, relationships, and facts buried in information sources.
The Public Image Monitoring Solution is currently available from IBM and Nstein
Technologies. IBM WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition version 8.3,
an enhanced version of the company's technology foundation for delivering
actionable information in context through enterprise search and text analysis of
databases, content management systems, file systems, collaboration systems and
external websites, is targeted to be available during fourth quarter

Here is a list of many (but not all) IBMer blogs on the open web.

IBM Blogs
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