Saturday, November 19, 2005


Google Stock @ $400

A milestone for Google's capitalization: It's over $100 billion--the best run up for a technology stock since the dotcom crash.

At $111 billion on Friday (Nov 18, 2005), it is above Cisco ($106 billion), eBay ($62 billion), Yahoo ($59 billion), Oracke ($65 billion), Apple ($53 billion) and Time Warner ($84 billion).

When will it catch up with IBM ($138 billion), Intel ($152 billion) or Microsoft ($298 billion)?

Or i sit a case of another over-hyped stock?
See BW article for a recent discussion about Google flying high--perhaps?

Has anyone seen good analytical discussions on Google stock? Does it have any parallel with the dot-com frenzy or Enron?

Or does it defy any historical comparisons because we are truly in a new era where the old rules of value and valuations are being slowly and steadily dismantled?

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