Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Google Base: Taking on New Competitors

Watch out eBay.

Watch out

Watch out Craig's list (

Watch out newspaper clasified ads..

and who else?? well.. every company should ask: what's our position relative to Google in the network today?

What's clever is getting people to upload their content in a categorized way to make it easily searchable and accessible to others. Another way to become the hub.

EBay created the platform to allow sellers and buyers link on the global electronic network for a wide variety of physical products.

Google Base may be the platform for linking people and companies for products and services on a global basis.

Google is in the 'connection business' and connections lead to transactions; and that's where they have put their 'cash registers' now (AdWords and AdSense) and that's where we will see more cash registers in the future.

To think of them as a search engine is myopic.

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